Convergence: Assimilator / Conservator / Modulator
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1 Resin model der kan samles som enten Assimilator, Conservator eller Modulator.

Modellen leveres usamlet og umalet.

The arcane displacer drive represented a major breakthrough in vector design. Freed from the hampering influence of gravity, heavy vectors equipped with this technology-such as the Conservator, Assimilator, and Modulator-gain unparalleled freedom of movement.

The Conservator is equipped with heavy shields and low-traction gyros that allow it to intercept attacks.

The Assimilator fires its dissevering microswarm launcher to shower the target area with an explosion of bladed gears.

Coruscating with electrostatic energy along its hull, the Modulator can channel this charge into a bolt of pure energy that electrocutes everything in its path.

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