Citadels (ENG)
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Antal spillere: 2-8.
Alder: Fra 10 år.
Spilletid: Ca. 30 - 60 minutter.

In CITADELS, you are a medieval ruler trying to complete your city before your opponents can build theirs. Expand you city by adding new districts, but be sure to invest wisely: Some districts are more valuable than others, but cost more gold to build.

There is more to ruling a city than gold, however. Lords, ladies, and other nobility all have a role to play. The game changes each turn as each player secretly chooses a new role - the Assassin, Thief, Magician, King, Bishop, Merchant, Architect, or Warlord - and the power that comes with it.

CITADELS is a card game of bluffing, diplomacy, and city-building for two to eight players, ages 10 and up. CITADELS is playable in 30 to 60 minutes.

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