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Battlefield in a Box is Gale Force Nine's amazing terrain line for your favorite miniature battle games. Make your conflicts come to life with these high-quality pre-painted terrain pieces and tabletop accessories. Since each item is pre-painted and ready to go right out of the box, your tabletop battlefield will look great in no time!

Ponds, small lakes and other water sources are often the focus of many great battles. These water hazards also act as natural barriers, forcing large regiments of troops to wheel around them, buying defending forces precious time to mount a counter-offensive.

Ponds contain two pre-painted pond terrain pieces as well as a small island terrain piece. Included with the pre-painted ponds is a small bag of Green Static Grass allowing you can flock the shores of the ponds to match your battlefield, or you may wish to use one of GF9's many other Hobby Scenics to blend the piece in seamlessly with your own terrain collection and models. These pieces are cast in a flexible material to withstand the rigors of gaming.

One pond is 11 inches at its longest point and 9 inches wide. The other pond is 10 inches long and 7½ inches wide. The small isle is 4 inches long and 3 inches wide.

Ponds contain three pre-painted terrain pieces and a small bag of Hobby Scenics Green Static Grass.

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