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Battlefield in a Box is Gale Force Nine's amazing terrain line for your favorite miniature battle games. Make your conflicts come to life with these high-quality pre-painted terrain pieces and tabletop accessories. Since each item is pre-painted and ready to go right out of the box, your tabletop battlefield will look great in no time!

Murky marshlands and inhospitable bogs are thought to be impenetrable, but war even finds its way to these still green waters. The advance of troops is slowed as they slog through the muck and the slime. Warmachines become mired in the swamps, greatly reducing their effectiveness. But cunning generals use this dismal terrain to their advantage and strike at their foes when they are at their most vulnerable. Many will die in these forsaken bogs, but in the end the only victor will be the swamps themselves as they swallow the dead and return to their eerie stillness.

Swamps contain two pre-painted bog pool terrain pieces as well as four small stands of muck and rotten stumps. Included with the pre-painted swamps is a small bag of Green Static Grass allowing you can flock the shores of the marsh to match your battlefield, or you may wish to use one of GF9's many other Hobby Scenics to blend the piece in seamlessly with your own terrain collection and models. The pools are cast in a flexible material to withstand the rigors of gaming, while the stumps stands are made from durable resin. Flocks may also be applies to the surface of the green swamps to really give them a scum-covered water effect.

One swamp is 10 inches at its longest point and 7 inches wide. The other bog is 11½ inches long and 7½ inches wide. The small stump stands are all about 1½ inches round.

Swamps contain six pre-painted terrain pieces and a small bag of Hobby Scenics Green Static Grass.



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